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Canadian Pipeline War
May 10, 2018
One minute read

Canada is currently embroiled in one of the most poverty inducing pipeline wars; not with other countries - with itself! Eventually, this failed thinking will consume taxpayer’s dollars and keep failed industries alive. This frame of mind ignores the more dynamic and future-thinking sectors of the economy. In my opinion, if you have a drive to succeed and a will to power, you would cast off the Canadian garrison mindset represented by majority.

Even some of Canada’s most followed entrepreneurs have extreme views on the subject. Instead of providing quantitative analysis and intelligent conversation, they resort to hateful comments.

“Bastards. Slimy bastards. Hang them for treason… - W. Brett Wilson (2018)”

WBrettWilson Twitter

“You lie. You lying sack of monkey dung. Your don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate this issue with a doorknob. - W. Brett Wilson (2018)”

WBrettWilson Twitter

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