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Power Engineers vs P.Eng in Alberta Canada
Jul 29, 2019
3 minutes read

Working as a Power Engineer you could earn twice the salary compared to a Professional Engineer, with only a high school diploma and a few months of training.

Did I get your attention? I see you looking skeptical, seems like another YouTube marketing scam doesn’t it.

It’s true, in Alberta, with only a certificate and overtime hours, you can make between $200,000 and $250,000 while a P.Eng earns only $120,000. This makes the 8 years of Engineering school a preposterous waste of life. How did this extraordinary devaluation of education and disregard for competition occur in Canada; like many problems in a country, government policy is to blame. In 2003, Alberta’s safety codes act enshrined an entirely new profession called “Power Engineers” POWER ENGINEERS REGULATION (Alberta Regulation 85/2003). The United States didn’t create this field, they use Petroleum Engineers which require a minimum of a Bachelors Degree. Power Engineer requires no formal education. Does this mean that education is not important? It definitely makes it less valuable. Why would a country devalue its own hard working and bright graduates? Canadian taxpayers gave $13.4 billion to universities in 2015/2016 which accounts for 49.1% of university revenues. It’s like shooting oneself in the foot.

I think the answer has to do with the Canadian mindset. In Canada, equality sits along-side health care as a sacred pillar equivalent to a religion. Equality for all. Surely, everyone cannot be equal. There are some who work harder or are smarter than others. No! not in Canada. You may have a fancy degree from a top university, but that paper is only marginally better than one from the bottom of the pack. One could then argue, there is no value in studying and working towards a good education. I think there is value in the educational endeavor. Get an education so you have the option to leave for progressive and competitive countries.

Your country is telling you loud a clear - Get out! we don’t want you!

Here comes another fantastic YouTube advertisement - you can get out, it’s easy actually. Most (or all) Canadian banks, provide a US dollar account from which you can invest directly in incredibly dynamic companies in the United States. In fact, other than receiving your paycheque in Canadian dollars, you can operate… like an proud American. America will treat you like a valuable member of their family. A family of royal shareholders, stroked, swaddled and loved. I yearn for the warm embrace of the most dynamic country in the world. Don’t like the US? terrible people you say? Sure, buy some stocks on the London Stock Exchange or convert your money to Japanese Yen and buy robotics companies.

If you’re young, don’t go West or East, spin the compass and GO GLOBAL!

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